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Arabian Horses

By Lynn Lopez

The Arabian horses have their beginnings steeped in legend, and it's no wonder: the Arabian horse breed has been around for over 4,000 years and is well-known for its regal bearing, impressive appearance, and incredible stamina. The Bedouins treasured this horse and jealously guarded their breeding secrets. Arabian horses were bred to withstand long desert treks and even worked as war horses.

Nowadays, riding horses around the world carry the bloodline of the Arabian, particularly because Europeans crossed them with their own horses to improve the latter’s quality. Arabian horses are generally thought to be white, but they come in various colors such as black, bay, and gray.

One note about Arabian horses is that they are said to be “thin-skinned,” meaning its skin and hair aren’t as resilient as others breeds’. This is why one must take care while grooming an Arabian horse to keep it from sustaining minor bruises.

Owners of Arabian horses would do well to remember that this breed doesn’t tolerate any abuse and would much prefer being handled by a capable rider. The breed is also said to be quite intelligent and can be easily taught.

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