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Horse Grooming

By Lynn Lopez

Contrary to what some people believe, grooming a horse isn't a simply vanity issue. It is part of health care for a horse, because while grooming, you get a chance to inspect your horse for any injuries, and it also promotes a shiny coat. Grooming is best done before riding and ensures that your horse is free from any irritations that may affect it while you’re riding.

Before you begin grooming, have all the tools on hand: a hoof pick, a rubber curry comb, a mane and tail comb or brush, a body brush, a fine finishing brush, and some soft cloths or rags. Each item has its own purpose and should be used in a certain order during the grooming procedure.

First, tie your horse securely and have a box or a bucket on which you can sit while grooming your horse. Take the hoof pick and have your horse lift one leg. You can then start to dislodge any dirt that has gotten stuck on your horse’s hoof and inspect it for any injuries. Do this for all the horse’s hooves.

Next, use the curry comb to comb out any dirt on your horse’s body. Move it around in a circular motion and remember never to press too hard, because this will agitate the animal.

With the mane and tail brush, you can then start to comb through your horse’s mane and tail. Gently detangle the bottom part of the mane and tail first, working your way up until you can freely comb the entire length. Afterwards, the body brush can then be used to brush off any remaining dirt left on your horse’s body. The finishing brush will add some final touches and help bring out the gloss in your horse’s coat. You can then take the rags and use them to wipe your horse’s nose, ears, and eyes.

By making sure your horse is well-groomed every time, you are keeping it in top condition and is free from dirt.

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