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Show Horse

Show horse

A Well-Groomed Show Horse Always Attracts Attention on Show Day

Show days are events that you should take seriously if you want your show horse to stand out and draw admiration from the crowd. After all, show days are not just situations where you show off the beauty and breeding of your animal, but also a time for you to silently brag about the way you take care of your horse. A well-groomed and well-tended show horse is a reflection on your character as a show horse owner.

Preparing your horse for display on show day is not something that you do in a couple of weeks or days just before the said event. It is something that you do continuously right from the very day you bring your show horse to your stable. A good-looking show horse is not just a well-groomed show horse, but an animal that is well-nourished, well-taken care of, and well-loved.

Recommended Daily Grooming Routine for Show Horses

Getting your show horse ready for show day is a daily chore that you should do religiously if you want your horse to do well on the event. Whenever you groom your horse, you should break down the dirt on his body and neck with a curry, and then brush it off with a hard brush. To remove the dirt from your horse's face and legs, you will need a soft brush and a soft rag. When you are done with his body, rub him down with a warm towel.

You also need to pay attention to your horse's mane and tail. Shampoo them regularly with shampoo meant for your horse's mane and tail, and comb them to get the dander and the straggly hairs out. You should also trim the hair on your horse's muzzle, bridle path, ear edges, forearms, fetlocks and cannon bones. Check for ticks or bugs that may be making their home on your horse's mane or body.

Do not forget your horse's hooves when grooming him. Keep your horse's hooves clean and dry. Put dressing on the hooves regularly, but not too often. If you dress them too frequently, the hooves will become soft.

Caring for your show horse does not end with grooming, certainly. You will need to feed him with food that will give him proper nourishment. Deworming may also be necessary from time to time.

Special Grooming for Show Day

Of course, your show horse will need some serious special grooming a day before show day so he can prance around looking handsome in his gleaming coat. To give him the shine that he needs, you will have to shampoo his mane and tail with a shampoo intended for his mane and tail. His body will also need shampooing with equine shampoo.

Clipping his legs a week before show day also helps, as well as sanding his hooves on the morning of the show. If your horse has white markings, polish them and rub them with baby powder to make them look even whiter.

Show horses need a lot of care. When you take good care of your horse even when show day is still far away, you are sure to have one great-looking animal when show day comes, an animal guaranteed to make you proud.

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